Wes Winfree
General Manager

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Wes spent his childhood on the first coast of Florida. After graduating from a highly ranked college preparatory high school, Wes attended Florida State University where he graduated in three years with his bachelor’s degree. In addition to obtaining his degree during these three years, Wes attended the Police Academy where he graduated first in his class.

Upon graduating, Wes was hired as a police officer in the City of Tallahassee. Throughout his career in law enforcement, Wes served the community in multiple capacities including units addressing street-level narcotics and other quality of life issues plaguing communities. Due to a significant increase in the city’s violent crime, Wes was then asked to transition to a violent crime task force partnering with several federal agencies. Through this partnership, numerous firearms and illegal drugs were seized and taken off the streets of Tallahassee. Additionally, Wes assumed a primary role in the successful prosecution of numerous violent offenders in both federal and state courts. As a result, there was a drastic drop in the city’s violent crime rate. Wes was then asked to move into a new role as a Field Training Officer where he had the opportunity to train several new police officers. One of the high points of Wes’ career was during his tenure as an Entry Team Member of the SWAT Team. In this role, Wes had the opportunity to execute numerous high-risk search warrants and respond to high-risk incidents such as hostage situations and armed barricaded subjects.

Wes was then given the unique opportunity to transition into the private sector to serve as an Account Executive in the security industry. Through Wes’ nearly 7 years of law enforcement experience, he brings a valuable knowledge base and experiences into the security industry. This combines two of Wes’s passions, the security/protection profession, and strategic business management.

Currently, Wes serves as the General Manager of WideEye Surveillance. In his role as the General Manager, Wes manages each facet of the company, which includes business development/sales, operations, IT, and the financial departments. Wes is dedicated to establishing a high-caliber company culture where each employee believes in the “why” of what they do and is passionate about offering a high level of service on a daily basis. Wes also serves as the direct liaison to the Board of Directors.

Wes is passionate about being at the forefront of the security industry and adopting new innovative approaches in an effort to serve our clients in the highest and most effective manner. For more information, see Wes’ LinkedIn profile.

Patrick Seal
Director of Operations — Jacksonville, FL

Patrick Seal is the Director of Operations responsible for the Jacksonville, FL market. Patrick has years of business management experience gained in logistics industry where he held a management role for one of the largest freight brokerages in the nation. Prior to working in the logistics industry Patrick owned and operated a restaurant franchise in Neptune Beach, FL responsible for running all aspects of the business.

Patrick attended the University of North Florida with a focus on communications and marketing. His experience in logistics and small business has allowed him to gather a vast knowledge of expertise focused in commercial Operations, Business Development, and Customer Service. Patrick is dedicated to tech-enabling a centuries old services industry by providing security services and improved processes to commercial and multi-family real estate customers providing a safe and secure environment.

Patrick is married and has two dogs, in his spare time he can be found enjoying the many trails that Jacksonville, FL has to offer with his wife and dogs. He is also an avid fisherman and enjoys spending time along the river and ocean.

Cayla HurstCayla Hurst
Finance & Administrative Specialist

Cayla was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She attended the private high school, St. Thomas Aquinas, where she excelled as an honor roll student. After graduation, Cayla moved to Jacksonville where she pursued her education at the University of North Florida. Throughout the course of her four-year studies, she double majored in Finance and Transportation Logistics. She was awarded with the Dean’s List and successfully graduated in 2017.

As an active member of her sorority, Cayla participated in various community volunteer work throughout Jacksonville. She also belonged to the Finance Club at the University of North Florida.

Cayla’s hobbies include cooking and exercising and in her free time she enjoys bike riding on the beach, boating, and traveling to new places.

Board Members

John P. Ward, Jr.
Executive Chairman

John has been a professional, private equity and venture capital investor for 20 years, and has been through several capital markets and economic cycles. He serves as a member of the Board of Directors for both publicly traded and private companies and has been an Executive Chairman of the Board, as well as Chairman of Audit and Compensation Committees.

He’s a company builder with deep experience in the management of executives and personnel, sales & marketing, finance and financial analysis, business operations, strategic and business plan development, M&A, and executive recruiting.

John loves working with CEOs and management teams in optimizing their business so they can dominate a target industry segment. He does this by aiding them in organizing to create an environment of disciplined operational execution and the high impact application of a company’s competitive economic advantages.

He began his career as an officer with United States Naval Intelligence, and when he left the Navy, he worked for Fidelity Investments as a quota bearing sales representative. He started as a venture investor in 1996 at BancBoston Capital and went on to become a General Partner at M/C Venture Partners (now M/C Partners) and then a Managing Director at Key Venture Partners, both in the Boston area.

He has had successful investments across a range of industries from Telecommunications and Data Centers to Cloud Computing Software, Security Services, Energy Services, and even Waste Management. The common thread among these projects has been a services-based recurring revenue model or a unique economic advantage enabled by the application of information technology.

Most recently, he is the Managing Partner of Unit Economic Investors in Boston and Jacksonville, FL. See his LinkedIn profile here:

Educational Background:
B.A., Middlebury College
M.B.A, Amos Tuck School — Dartmouth College
M.P.A, Kennedy School of Government — Harvard University

The Personal Stuff:
Favorite book is Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged with The Republic of Plato a close second. He loves his family, country, heroes, Nantucket, kiteboarding, and an occasional icy cold beer – in that order.

Steve MunteanSteven Muntean
Board Member and Advisor
Steve is an investor and member of the board of directors leading the charge for innovation in the security services sector. His company, Overwatch Capital, invests in early-stage growth companies focusing on people and technology disrupting a centuries-old security services industry by combining video surveillance technologies, on-demand software apps, mobile patrol services, on-site services, and state of the art reporting technologies. Steve’s portfolio of companies is fast growing with a vibrant, merit-based culture and are dedicated to being the next generation of tech-enabled security services that customers need in today’s complex security environment.

His sector focused expertise includes experience as an investor, venture capital backed CEO, state law enforcement lieutenant, 4X entrepreneur, author, and board member. Steve serves on numerous boards with fiduciary responsibilities. His favorite non-for-profit role is acting chair for Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Southeast and Caribbean Chapter. He graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor in Arts in Corporate Communication and earned a Master of Arts in Homeland Security from American Military University. Steve is curious about human performance exploration and breaking through the status quo in areas of health, wealth and happiness.