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WideEye Video Monitoring Service (VMS) delivers an innovative approach to crime prevention, ensuring a fast police and security response to suspicious activity.  The “after-the-fact” review of crimes rarely results in criminal convictions. With real-time monitoring provided by WideEye, however, security and or law enforcement officers can be dispatched to respond and stop crimes from occurring. Our 24/7/365 approach ensures a secure environment for your investment while minimizing the financial burden of safeguarding your valuable assets.  WideEye integrates with most pre-existing camera/CCTV solutions and costs much less than a traditional security guard.

WideEye Surveillance | CamerasStep 1. VMS Officers Patrol Existing Cameras

  • 360-degree, real-time virtual security patrols with your existing camera hardware.
  • Targeted patrol schedule, focusing on specific problem areas.
  • Customized patrol times to provide longer and more effective coverage.

WideEye Surveillance | Dispatch CenterStep 2. Notices Suspicious Activity

  • Specific perimeters are set based on detailed site specific information.
  • Officers virtually patrol specific areas during specific times.
  • Once an officer notices an event outside the rules, an event is established.

WideEye Surveillance | Suspicious ActivityStep 3. Analyze Data and Determine Course of Action

  • Events are analyzed to determine if an alert will be created based on customer specific information.
  • Once an alert is established the officers record, monitor and dispatch ground resources.

WideEye Surveillance | Call SecurityStep 4. Dispatch Police and/or Security to Suspicious Activity

  • Police and/or security resources are deployed to the specific target area.
  • Responding personnel are provided real-time descriptions for suspects via video recordings, text, email and phone.

Step 5. Police and Security Makes Contact with Suspectserviceimagefiveb

  • Responding police and/or security personnel find suspect(s) and follow protocol.
  • Real-time video images are provided to ensure an accurate suspect arrest or release.

Step 6. Executive Report is Generated and/or Customer is Contacted for BriefSecurity Reporting

  • Executive summary email is created to provide video monitoring highlights of the event.
  • Video playback requests are available to review additional footage.
  • Customized desktop and mobile device camera integration will allow for seamless integration.
  • Toll-free number to speak with real-time virtual monitoring officers actually monitoring your cameras.