Vigilant Monitoring. Swift Intervention.

WideEye provides video monitoring services, primarily for multi-family housing communities, by accessing and leveraging the existing cameras on-property. Unlike other companies in the security sector, WideEye offers a unique combination of proven tactics with a modern spin. The company follows a patrol schedule, as many physical security companies do, but uses virtual access to the properties to expedite the process. This results in a higher frequency of patrols throughout a given time period. Where a physical security guard may only be able to patrol a property once every hour or two, WideEye can patrol the property in a matter of minutes multiple times per hour.

Our clients are able to customize their target cameras, number of monitored cameras, and frequency of patrols per night. This gives you the freedom and ability to adapt to constantly evolving security risks. Additionally, all actions performed by WideEye’s operators are audited through our monitoring software, providing peace of mind for the company’s clients and accountability for the operators.

While many video monitoring companies have shifted to event-based surveillance, relying on artificial intelligence to accurately recognize security risks, WideEye combines the ever-improving technology of the industry with the human-element. Where computers are apt to flag innocuous events as emergencies or miss desired catches, WideEye’s operators are trained to identify events outlined as areas of focus by clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you install cameras?

The short answer is no. While we do not install cameras, we know somebody who does. We can refer you to one of the many providers we work with to find the right fit for you.

We monitor your existing cameras. This means that when you start service with us, there are no major up-front costs for hardware or installation. This also means you avoid the leasing fees typically associated with using a combined installation and monitoring VMS company.


Do you provide a physical guard?

Similar to camera installation, we do not provide the guard service, but we know who does. We work with any physical security company that is right for your community and can even refer you to one of our partners if you’re still shopping around.

Once your guard services are in place, we will collaborate with them to maximize their efficiency and make sure that guards are being held accountable.


Can you tell me when a camera is not working?

Every night, when we monitor the target cameras you select, we record any instances of camera outages. If a camera we monitor is down, we will absolutely let you know.


How do I know the agents are watching my cameras?

The viewing software that we use offers an auditing feature. This means that we can verify each night’s reports to ensure every single one of our clients is getting the service they are paying for. In addition to report audits, our agents also conduct routine checks. These are reports interspersed throughout the night that document patrols when suspicious activity did not occur. This is a way to provide you with some peace of mind.


Is this more expensive than a security guard?

While video monitoring is an effective, tech-forward security strategy, it is not going to break the bank. We offer a variety of options for coverage, allowing you to tailor your VMS coverage to what you need. To receive a pricing proposal, please contact Josh Elam at josh@wideeyesurveillance.com.


Can you review camera footage for me?

Yes! We know you have better things to do than review hours of footage to find a suspect or a license plate number. That’s where we come in. Simply email  your playback request with as much information about the event as possible to a member of our team.


Will I receive security reports?

Absolutely. One of the many benefits to working with WideEye is that you will receive a daily activity report every morning. We can add multiple members of your team to this list, providing as many or as few people with the details of the previous night’s monitored activity.