WideEye is your Eye in the Sky

How It Works

Officers can patrol using existing cameras

WideEye Surveillance | Cameras

Cameras alert patrol officers of suspicious activity

WideEye Surveillance | Cameras

Our dispatch center analyzes intelligence to determine a course of action

WideEye Surveillance | Cameras

Dispatch Police and Security

WideEye Surveillance | Call Security

Video monitoring provides more coverage

What Our Clients Say

We love having the video monitoring because it’s the most cost effective and efficient way to keep an eye on the community. In fact, every camera is like having someone in that space. It takes about an hour to walk every floor of every building, whereas with video every area can be scanned within 5-10 minutes. This gives better coverage, as well as a quicker active response to identify and resolve issues.

It’s also great because a snap shot can be taken to identify who the parties are and where the incident happened. We have used this on many instances and saved thousands of dollars in damage bills which were able to successfully bill back to residents.

It’s a great secure way to help residents, protect the property and proactively mitigate liability issues!

Highly recommend this service and WideEye Surveillance for their professional team and amazing service.


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